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The Woes of a Slytherin Housewife

Slytherin Wifey
30 May 1988
Spanky && Jeff Hardy About Slytherin Wifey

> Has a girlfriend of two years

>Owns a Super Nintendo, X-Box, X-box 360, PS2, Gameboy Advance and a PSP

>Loves Death Eaters, Heavy Metal, cuddling with her woman and any form of roleplaying

>Hates stupid people, the whole "We all have to co-exist online and love each other" thing that kills debate, having someone pick out one line in an argument and running with it and anyone who calls my girlfriend a bitch

>Will play video games all day if allowed, take out the trash and eventually rule the world

>Won't put anyone before her girlfriend, take people's shit or show anyone respect if they don't deserve it

I'm a pretty laid back Southern girl with a love of cooking, writing and ....sitting. Don't let the angry text up there fool you, I'm a sweetheart. Xp

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